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Post here when you look for Manual, IPL, saws, parts etc.
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Disclaimer! Guidelines!

Post by Magnus » Oct 21st, '06, 10:15


Chainsaw Collectors Forum is not responsible for the content of the postings here and in the subforum's. The forum does take any responsibility for any deals made here.

The For Sale/Trade and Wanted subforums as provided here are meant to be a service for collectors and are not profitable to the forum itself!


1) Please be honest and do not promise if you can't follow thru.

2) Ask for price by PM or mail to the seller. No public money talk.

3) No public complaining in the forum's.

4) This is correct forum to ask for things we could want/need like IPL's, Manuals, Saws, Parts etc.

5) Posts that will not follow guidelines will be deleted by Moderator or Admin.
Post your saws in the models library. More saws makes better library!
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