Poulan 86.

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Poulan 86.

Postby Thomas72 » Nov 30th, '05, 01:10

This is my poulan model 86. This chain saw started my collection two years ago.

http://img344.imageshack.us/img344/647/ ... 0215oj.jpg

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Poulan 86

Postby cliff » Dec 2nd, '06, 08:01

86 bow saw

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Re: Poulan 86.

Postby Modifiedmark » May 19th, '17, 03:38

A Poulan 86 with a 23" reversible straight bar. The 86 came standard with a 2 to 1 gear ratio instead of the 3.2 to 1 like the 82 and 84.
IMAG0472 (Custom).jpg
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IMAG0463 (Custom).jpg
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