Poulan 71-A

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Poulan 71A

Post by Thomas72 » Jul 20th, '06, 03:51

This Poulan model 71A has a 5.6 cu. in. engine with a manual and automatic oiler. It is one of the best direct drive saws Poulan made.

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Poulan 71-A

Post by Modifiedmark » Nov 30th, '10, 15:52

Here is a Poulan 71-A with it's original 30" straight bar.
100_4000 (Medium).JPG
100_3998 (Medium).JPG
100_3996 (Medium).JPG
100_3995 (Medium).JPG

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Re: Poulan 71-A

Post by Todd R » Apr 5th, '11, 21:19

Poulan 71A before reconditioning. Has old Poulan spark plug. Will post pics after cleaning it up and hopefully getting it running...
Poulan Plug.jpg
Poulan 71A Top Back.jpg
Poulan 71A Close Left Front.jpg
Poulan 71A Close Right Front.jpg
Poulan 71A Close Right.jpg
Poulan 71A Left.jpg
Poulan 71A Right.jpg
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