Homelite XL-903

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Homelite XL-903

Postby belgian » Jun 20th, '08, 11:25

Here' s my homie XL-903.
the paint is unfortunately in bad shape but this saw has pleasantly surprised me with its performance ! Wow, good revver !
Needed new fuel line, points cleaning and coil gap setting, and runs extremely well.
the chain cover was cracked and repaired.
Another victim of the saw bug ...

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Re: Homelite XL-903

Postby Kinkynations » Jun 29th, '13, 18:46


Sorry for my bad English, I work with a translator

many old Stuff.

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Re: Homelite XL-903

Postby randysgirl » Feb 18th, '14, 23:47

Here is our XL-903. This one started as our mystery saw from hell lol. I bought it for Randy as a Christmas present supposedly as an XL-925. None of the part numbers matched up. :autch: Kept getting suggestions from others as to what it might be. Finally thought it was an XL-901 or 904. Thank god for the one difference that led us to find out it was the more rare (or so we were told) XL-903. :clap: The only thing the guy was right about that sold it to us was that she does run, and not bad too. Had a blast doing the paint job on this one. They may be small but they sure do look sharp.
XL-903 007.jpg
XL-903 006.jpg
XL-903 005.jpg
XL-903 004.jpg
XL-903 003.jpg
XL-903 002.jpg
XL-903 001.jpg

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Re: Homelite XL-903

Postby OnlyHomelites » Jan 1st, '17, 16:29

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